Monday, May 23, 2011

Do-It-Yourself Shopping Cart Seat for Hypotonia! :D

I have been looking high and low for a solution to the grocery cart/restaurant problem for Mason. That problem being, he doesn't have enough head and trunk control yet to ride in the front unsupported (or sit in a high chair at the restaurant), but is quickly outgrowing his infant car seat (which doesn't fit too well in the cart anyway). All the cart covers you can buy are nice but they don't have much support, just a lap belt or maybe simple shoulder straps but nothing substantial enough to handle Mason's low tone right now.  So here's how we worked around the far, so good!!

I found a soft, stretchy fleece zip-up shirt in a few sizes bigger than Mason wears ($3.50 at Once Upon a Child!!), and cut off the sleeves (so it's not too hot to wear) and use it as a harness to "zip him in" safely against the back of the cart with a cushion or blanket behind him; most of the carts have metal bars/slats as the back of the seat so the shirt can be wrapped around these easily before I put him in it and zip him up. It really holds him well and makes him comfortable! He sure enjoys this view and loves checking things out as he rides around the store! I'm hoping other moms in a similar situation are able to adapt this idea and use it with your little ones too, to simplify things a bit, especially if you have to do your shopping with more than one kiddo :)

For restaurants, if the chairs are slatted like this one, it works as a booster/safety seat too. :) His PT approved and says it's helping strengthen his chest/trunk muscles to sit like this (we do it for playtime throughout the day) and sure enough he is starting to lift his head and chest much more in tummy time now!! :D

UPDATE: it actually works even better turned backwards, zipped up the the top of the zipper doesn't rub his chin.
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  1. You should sell this idea to someone!
    (from: Misti)

  2. Hehe what a cute idea!! I might have to try this one soon with Nick! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Cute idea!

    If you find you need more support for him, check out the "Go To Seat by FireflybyLeckey.

    You can only buy online at

    A CaringBridge friend has a go to seat and loves it, along with the "Upsee" made by the same company!!


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