Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Week of Firsts :)

Every day that passes brings us closer to fact, the boys got so excited about the warm weather that they dressed up in summer clothes ;) We saw the first buds on our tree in the front yard (it's a tradition to look for them) and so we've thoroughly enjoyed finally getting to be outdoors and let Mason experience some of the big, wide world :D
This last couple weeks, for the first time, he...
  • Went to the park with Micah (two parks, actually!)

  • Ate a restaurant (well, "ate" would be overstating it a little., but he did come with us to Jack in the Box!)
  • Shopped at Home Depot, riding in the back of the cart in his car seat
  • Strolled around the mall (he especially loved rolling across the fun light pad projector thingy)

He's also doing some fun new things even at home...

  • sitting in his high chair, playing with toys
  • tolerating his bath much better (check out his fresh, clean, curly hair!)
  • Jumping in the Jumperoo without his Huggabebe support pillow
  • trying out his new Child Rite seat (the oversized bumbo for kids with hypotonia and goes to 65 lbs, yahoo!!)
  • Meeting his Great Grandma, Great Aunt Donna and Great Uncle Allen (look close, his legs are in the pic!) :D
Learning to laugh (hehhh!!)

Micah had his own share of firsts this week, including, and best of all, trying ICE CREAM (yes, real cow milk!) for the first time since we knew of his allergy at age one! FINALLY, a dessert he loves as much as me :D Hopefully he'll still love it at his birthday in June...
 He even got to get one from DQ later this week :D Can't wait for the custard shops to open on Monday!!

He also got to build a cool Lincoln Log mansion/hotel with Great Uncle Allen :)

Thank You, Lord, for spring!!

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