Thursday, January 23, 2014

Baby Steps in the Kidwalk

I don't know about you, but I love SO many things about this video. The top 3 are:

1.  Mason is TOLERATING his Kidwalk! This week he has shown extreme interest in being upright and has tolerated it far longer than he ever has (normally his max is 5-10 minutes). This week he is pushing an hour! He wasn't even complaining when it was time to get out - I only had to remove him because it was time for a feed. This is definitely a first for him :) Up to this point his main activity in the Kidwalk has been hanging droopily in it and crying. And in the past, if he has ever moved it, it's because he was screaming and kicking so hard it accidentally moves back. So, that he is happy in it is HUGE!! :D

2. Mason is taking INTENTIONAL steps in his Kidwalk! Yes it's backwards but you have to start somewhere. I think he does actually want to go forward because he wants to see his favorite videos on TV. But at least he understands that his legs are what he has to use to make it go. He has never made that connection and acted on it before!!

3. Mason is moving IN RESPONSE to me saying, "GO!" This means, he understands what "go" means, and even though he's had a nasty draining ear/sinus infection, he can hear me saying it without his hearing aids in! :D

We are so happy that he is making progress in this area, even when he doesn't feel well. We are even more excited to see how he feels about it when his ears are better :)

special needs child with his dog
Morgan isn't as excited as me ;)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Dad's Perspective: A Heart to Heart with the Doctor

When the neonatologist tells you to sit down, you may want to listen.  Such was the case the day after Mason was born.  

Jeremy Project special needs dad
The day before had been a whirlwind... watching a transport team load up Mason for his trip to the Level IV NICU 40 minutes away, saying goodbye to my wife recovering from her c-section at a different hospital, hastily packing for an unexpected overnight stay, and kissing my oldest goodnight as he’d spend the next few days under the watchful care of his grandparents.

I don’t remember how far after midnight it was that night that the neonatologist and I had our little discussion; time was a little bit blurry. But in the previous twelve hours, Mason had been through more x-rays, tests and doctor examinations than most go through in years. Finally, there were some results to share.

I’ll never forget sitting there listening to her speak. Looking back, I remember this as the “This is what we know” speech from the doctor. She started with his brain and worked her way all the way down his little body...his ears, nose, mouth, heart, stomach, and more stopping at each one to tell me what wasn’t right. It was a long list that seemed to never end.  I know that as she was speaking to me, she was definitely witnessing a deer caught in the headlights. I wasn’t ready to hear what I heard, and in that moment the day that had seemed so surreal to that point became our new reality.

As one who likes to feel like they have control, the news of my son’s urgent medical needs was overwhelming.  I sat there alone.. realizing that there was nothing I could do to make Mason better. I cried out to God for my beautiful baby boy.  I turned to Him for comfort, and He responded. Truths of Scripture from God’s Word came to me in that moment. I opened my laptop and began to write. I’ve come to think of this list as the “This is what we know” speech from the Doctor of doctors.

The words were simple.. yet rich in Truth drawn straight from His Word:

  • God loves Mason 
  • God created Mason just the way he wants him
  • Mason is a blessing from God
  • God has orchestrated the time and place for Mason to be born 
  • God has entrusted the care of this precious little boy to us! 
  • We can't handle it on our own but He is our helper
  • God is Jehovah Jireh, the God who Provides 
  • God is Jehovah Rapha, the God who Heals
 special needs child with dad 
Mason will be three and a half in February. These truths are timeless to my heart and we will continue to rest in the words of the greatest Doctor. No matter what our situation, I am grateful that He is always available for us to sit down and listen. And He always has Truth to share.

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