Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Five Months Today

Happy 5-month birthday to you, my Sweet Bear :)

Today we celebrate...

  • Tracking a toy car motor by sound/sight and turning your head from left to right (up to now he's had a preference for only the left and basically refused to move it voluntarily to the right...we are seeing an improvement in this and his range of neck motion is improving! We think the steroid cream we used on his button may've been a little too much for his system (he'd used it a long time) and might've created a fat pad behind his neck that made it hurt to move...this pad seems to be resolving after stopping the cream!
  • "Fixating" (stopping your eyes to look) on your occupational therapist during your session :) This was another first! And you're paying more attention to colors and patterns and toys with bright lights!
  • "Dancing" feet in your saucer! Where in the past he wouldn't put any weight on his feet, this week Mason is showing me he can "push" (even on command!) with his feet, and does these adorable stepping motions now in his exersaucer. This makes your mommy SOOO happy!
  • Sucking on mommy's finger!! He has not sucked on ANYTHING happily since coming off his NG tube (gave him severe retches to touch his palate; this week he has shown that he LIKES to have stuff in his mouth as long as it is his idea!! Especially mommy's finger!) So glad the retching reflex is slowly fading!! Thank You GOD!!
  • A brand new Mickey button! (Antireflux valve on the one he had already got stuck...oops,we didn't know cefdinir was a no no in it without diluting first. Maybe we can get it unstuck with Coke lol? But until then he has a new one to hold him over that hopefully won't let gas seep in (that is NO fun and we've been doing damage control all day.) And yes mommy managed to stay conscious swapping it out while daddy held him running for a cold cloth for my face needed!!

Ps. 118:24 - The LORD has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad.

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