Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Sweetie Pot Likes His Sweet Potatoes :)

Then Jesus said, “Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.” Mark 4:9

Ear tubes are in, infection is gone, and we feel safe to let Mason try food by mouth again (didn't want to do much of that when he was hurting to swallow since we want the associations he has to be positive with food.) I don't have to do much explanation of his can see for yourself what he thinks of his first oral snackage in a long time...

Thank you all for the prayers for the tube went AWESOME! They used the gas, and once he was out, they gave an IV backup which they didn't end up using other than to hydrate him. In addition to the tubes, they were able to get his eye exam (still no glaucoma drops needed at home, yay!) and bloodwork for thyroid (still waiting on those results). He had only a touch of nausea when he woke up and wasn't really upset at all ... just sleepy :) The next day he had some tummy issues that resolved mostly by mid-day.

We know he is hearing a little better at least, since the tubes, because he is WAY hypersensitive right now. He was startling a lot when he woke up from the procedure, and now he just is very defensive about what he touches if he is afraid it will make noise. While he usually likes to kick and play generally, now he holds his legs very close to his body and only reaches out to explore with hands or feet if he feels very safe. He gets VERY upset if someone does it for him. He is also really sensitive to movement and full tummy now, more than usual. So it will take a little adjusting before his senses calm down I think, and adjust to this "new" sense of hearing performing better! Even so he has started laughing over sounds now, not just things that feel nice (which is his usual smile stimulus). He laughs over his "jingly" lion and ball toys, and even smiles after turning to the right (which he doesn't normally do because of his torticollis).

Overall we are encouraged that the tubes should really help him in the long run, and are praying they stay put a long time and don't clog up. We're also praying he tolerates the new foods well since he isn't tolerating much in the way of formula increases (and we are supposed to be working our way to 27.5 oz a day...right now he's at 25 oz and seems to finally be in a holding pattern on his weight..but he's getting long too so this is good news as long as he continues to make steady, slower gains--should make it easier for him to move/build strength now that he is more in the 50th percentile than the 75-90th that he was in a couple months ago).

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