Sunday, February 26, 2012

Splish, Splash!

This week I found the coolest little gadget on Amazon - a neck float called "My Baby Can Swim!" It's great because systems like this designed for "special needs" are over $100 (and some are pretty clunky looking). But this one was $12.99 because it's for "any" baby! It's so perfect for Mason (I may even get one for Micah I love it so much--but apparently I got the last one, because now it says unavailable...sheesh, I hope we don't pop it anytime soon!)...anyway, he got to be submerged in his bath for the first time ever!! I have never seen the boy light up with so many smiles at once!! He was SO content and happy and best of all, relaxed!! His little fists and feet were open, not balled up like usual! He just loved it!! Next stop...the pool! :D Stay tuned...!

Mason's Mix

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