Friday, January 13, 2012

Getting his groove back :)

Whew, it's been a hard go the last few weeks with Mason going through upper respiratory and urinary infections ... 3 seizures, and some temporary setbacks especially in the "using his voice" department, but at least right now he seems to be on the other side (here's hoping!!)

The last two days he has better tolerated near-full-strength feeds (yay!!) and has wanted to sit and play longer. His nerves are still on edge from the seizure activity as he keeps going into yawning fits and getting his blotchy rash when he is stressed or exercising (trying to sit, doing therapy, etc). But, at least he is back to trying! :D
I will try anything if Snoopy will sing and flap his ears at me!
I'm mostly back to my silly self!
But all this sitting is stressing me out, Mom!
 So, overall things are looking up! His breathing is tremendously improved (we tried NAC when he had junky chest/wheezing and we haven't needed the steroids! Thank You God!) We will be getting some amino acid testing done in the near future to make sure his body is handling protein okay (in the past he has spaced out/gotten very weak when eating solids, and seems to do worse seizure wise and congestion wise on whole-protein formula and retches more when we try to concentrate it.) We are optimistic this isn't the problem for him since they checked some of it on his newborn metabolic panel, but because that missed his thyroid condition, we are not going to assume anything.

In other news, Mason got his hearing aid loaners today! It is already quite obvious the difference in his hearing - the poor guy jumps a mile just when I make a kiss sound (one of his favorite sounds in the past), or say, "yay Mason!" the way I usually do or just little odd noises he would totally disregard in the past (movement of chairs, Micah playing with toys, etc). It is so encouraging though because just in the few hours he had them on today at audiology and here at home, he has been a chatterbox, experimenting with his voice and seeing what happens when he tries different sounds! We are praying this makes a huge difference in his babbling (or lack thereof) and eventually give him what he needs to be able to talk!! :D

Do you like my new hearing aids? I got blue for my first pair!

Did that sound come outta ME? Let me try that again....
Wow! This is cool!
HOORAY for hearing! :) Thank You God for ears, and for allowing them some help to work better!

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