Friday, October 18, 2013

Tummy Time Troubleshooter!

Tumzee tummy time helper
Since he was born, Mason has struggled with tummy time...even just lifting his head off the floor for a few seconds has been a huge challenge. We've tried wedges and boppies and play gyms and people and praise and all kinds of toys especially his ipad as motivators....but haven't gotten very far. For his birthday his grandparents got him a "Tumzee" which is a tummy time gadget for babies. We took out the leg abductor since his thighs are too chubby and just lay him across it up to his armpits, and this thing is padded and has  a seat belt so he doesn't just roll over and he tolerates it amazingly well :) FINALLY we are getting some weight bearing on his arms and sustained lifting of his head :) Very light and easy to store. We highly recommend it even if a child w/ special needs is not a baby anymore, as long as they are not too wide for it, the child should still be able to benefit. The stronger he can get his arms,  the closer he will be to crawling!

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