Saturday, May 21, 2011

Busy-ness and BLESSINGS!

May sure got off to a wild start ... after we got back from the hospital stay with the "UTI" on Easter Sunday (which was later determined to be probably caused by the catheter for the urine sample in the ER and not the initial problem after all), Mason continued to get worse with his fevers, retching, sore button etc. Then I started worrying that the button was infected (not the wrong size like we first thought); back to pediatrician and turns out he did have a G-tube infection, which was probably the issue all along. We got him on antibiotics for that, but after almost a week of them, they weren't helping and we switched to a different one. It did the trick, but really wacked out his poor GI system while he was on it. About the same time as he switched meds, he came down with a flu-type virus with lots of congestion and wheezing so we got a nebulizer for home to help him with that. The doc thinks the asthma may be an ongoing thing for a couple years because of his rough bout of RSV. A few of the other highlights/lowlights of the past few weeks include:

  • Mason's baby dedication at church! It was awesome to have both sets of grandparents in town for that special time! :)
(The tough part about that day was that Micah's ears got really infected and his eardrum ruptured and drained for 4 days, ug.) Thank You God that is has healed very well!
  • The same day, we had the honor of attending the "Medals 4 Mettle" ceremony at Cardinal Glennon - a very generous and thoughtful medical student, Justin, volunteered to run the St. Louis Marathon in honor of Mason, and awarded him the medal he won for finishing (he did the half marathon). The ceremony was to award the courage of kiddos like Mason and what the go through each was very cool! Thanks again Justin!

  •  We also had several pediatrician appointments, an endocrinology/thyroid follow-up (yes Mason's TSH is abnormally high which we figured was the reason he was able to gain so much weight on so few calories but the docs had never heard of a baby having this without it being caught on the newborn screen so we are waiting to find out on a re-test if he will be getting treatment for it; we sure hope he can since hypothyroidism can hold back development), a genetics appointment (more on that in a later post), kidney ultrasound, g-tube size check, gastroenterology appointment, nursery follow-up, labwork (actually both boys had some labs because Micah has also been dealing with some yucky GI pain and chronic mouth ulcers but thankfully the tests ruled out the really bad stuff - inflammatory bowel disease; he does have some kind of undefined hypermobility syndrome though and that might be part of the trouble), neurology appointment and PT assessment. Mason's due for shots next week. 
Thankfully they both seem to be on the mend at the moment and we're praying for a long, sick-free stretch! We're looking forward to brighter, warmer days ahead for the summer and some much-needed vacation time!!
 Here's what we were holding onto this month to get us through some of the really rough days with the boys' health...

"BLESSINGS" by Laura Story :)

Mason's Mix

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