Sunday, February 27, 2011

Here we go again...

Just a quick update for my blog followers not on facebook..

Mason had his well baby check up Wednesday and his ears were infected so they started an antibiotic. They went ahead and gave him his shots.

By the next day he was wheezing so we went back to the doc. He was tested and positive for RSV. So we were a direct admit to Cardinal Glennon for observation (God was really good to allow this direct admit since the ER was filled with over 50 people, most babies with RSV as well and we would've had to wait all night to be seen).

That next day he started getting diarrhea, bad. Turns out he got Rotavirus too (one of the worst kinds of stomach virus), from the liquid vaccine, and so did I, from getting the vaccine fluid off his chin (he took it by mouth and dribbled). He is way worse off than me though :(

He is doing ok but hurting a lot from cramps so they are keeping him on ibuprofin/tylenol. His breathing from the RSV is alright...he is down to 1/16 liter of oxgen from half a liter, where he started. They have been unable to go any lower yet because he starts working too hard.

Sweet boy finding time for a smile even when he feels so bad...
Prayer requests for today would be that he tolerates his Pedialyte and probiotics today and shows improvement tummy wise so we can add back formula slowly and get him some food in there (he is extremely weak). He is also bradying really low, down into the 50s sometimes (heart rate dropping). If he isn't able to get food soon he will need an IV so pray he can make a rapid improvement once we start the Culturelle. They expect us to be here at least a few more days to get him some strength back up. He had a really rough night last night, and feels puny today; he is losing weight and his button is leaking from it.
Micah has RSV too (it's where Mason must've gotten it).  This stuff is hard on him too (emotionally most of all).

Thank you for your prayers, hopefully the next post will bring better news!

One nice thing about the holds the paci in hands-free ;)
"Pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much..." James 5:16

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