Monday, April 04, 2011

The Countdown to Ear Tubes...Can't Come Fast Enough!!

Yes, Mason has had quite the ordeal with those poor little ears of his. We have lost count of how many infections he's had, maybe 7, since he's been home...not even sure if it's separate infections or just the same couple bugs that don't ever get better. We just know it's been a long haul and many restless nights and way too much Advil and antiotics (that don't work). We just finished Biaxin and the state of his ears after it was done sounded even worse than before he we are back to Cefdinir which sort of holds things at bay for a day or two. But both the boys and I are sick again with a cold so with all the congestion it's not looking promising for much improvement by the end of this course either...

BUT we are so so excited to have ear tubes on the schedule, we wish it could be today, but "soonest available" is what we got....
"Hey did somebody say something about ear relief...FINALLY??"
Next Tuesday, we're supposed to be there at 5:30 am. They said they'd call if someone else bailed out earlier (and I highly doubt anyone waiting as long as we have will cancel if their baby is hurting too). Anyway, the other good news is that during the procedure, his cornea specialist wants to come and do a good dilated eye exam (Lord willing, we sure hope so!!), and check his eye pressures to see what his glaucoma is doing. We may even be able to do some labwork while he's under (assuming his veins will cooperate; Micah's didn't during tubes, so we'll see).
"YAHOO!! I can't wait, Mommy!!"

Our biggest prayer request is that he has no complications from anesthesia and that they'll be able to do it with gas as opposed to IV/intubation. Overall it shouldn't take really long ... maybe half an hour? And of course that everything they want to accomplish is a success, especially the tubes giving him some relief and hopefully helping him hear better too :) Pray for that part as well...he is very sensitive to anything "new" because of his low vision he's hypersensitive in other areas ... we imagine if he does hear considerably better, it might be a little traumatic for him after not hearing very well all this time. Pray this transition is not difficult on him and that he is able to quickly enjoy the benefits of having it done. And pray too that the tubes stay in, and function, for a long, looong time :) Thank you all!!
Hmm.. I like the idea of tubes...but not goin' anywhere without Mickey :)

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