Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer Summary ;)

I've been avoiding the blog lately, can you tell? There's just so much, I'm not sure where to start. And I keep trying to block out the first two weeks of June - that was a miserable time with seizures whenever Bear closed his eyes to sleep and pitiful crying non-stop for days. We ended up in the hospital, once by ambulance to ER, the other for treatment of status epilepticus which we wondered if he'd ever be himself again after...HOWEVER God is good and by His grace Mason's as sweet and smart as ever ;D And this summer there were lots of very special occasions and happy times too and I never want to forget those!! So here goes (yep, it's a long one!)

We got out of the hospital in time to have a "Secret Agent Party" at BounceU for Biscuit who turned 5 (yes, FIVE!) ...
  • Biscuit got a new puppy from mom and dad for his special day (the first "real" pet in our family besides fish and hermit crabs)...She's a cockapoo, and he named her Morgan Jolly (yes, we need a little "Jolly" around here!) She is quite a smarty -- she's learned to sit, stay, lay down, roll over and is potty trained by her bell which she rings to go out. Now...if anyone has suggestions to how to teach her how to contain herself when a stranger pets her or comes in, and not piddle on the floor, that would be great! :)

We also went to KC where his grandparents hosted a fun Angry Birds party. :D
July -
  • A great visit from blog buddy Sam and fam! (Thanks again for stopping by!!) :D

  • Downtime between therapy and other daily adventures (they both love Roku, and each other)!

  •  plenty of Pump It Up, water play and Little Gym for Micah...

  • Mason's ear tubes take two, and GI scope (showed bleeding and gastritis but no explanation)
 August -
  • Mason was seen by a new orthopedic dr. We found out some sad news from the x-rays - that he has developmental hip dysplasia :( Pray that it doesn't get worse. The dr expects him to need major surgery within a couple years because it has gone from normal to almost critical in only a year's time. The surgery involves recovering for months in a full body (chest to toes) spica cast so please pray he can somehow avoid this. :( He was also casted for AFOs to help give him leg/ankle support, which we are still waiting to pick up. 
  • Equipment demos ...(trying out some pediatric wheelchairs like the KidKart...

 and Kimba Spring with Squiggles Seat (this is our fave now) ,

 and the KidWalk (for gait training/mobility...) . He can't really "walk" in it yet..but he is tolerating it well and starting to learn how to move it backwards or forwards and claps when he is able to do it!
We also got him a Special Tomato floor sitter with a gift from our church. (Thank you!! It keeps him from sliding down - he has a problem with arching/squirming down in the sitting position and this has a pelvic abductor to help him stay up! Yay!!) And we were able to borrow a stander w/ a tray to help him bear weight while he plays...

  • Biscuit's first day of Kindergarten (I'll spare you the picture of his hugely swollen arm after his shots, poor guy!). He is LOVING his school and friends and classes and doing great!!...can't believe he's so big!! :)

  • Awesome visits with family and trips to fun spots like city museum and the museum of transportation...

  • Mason's Second Birthday!
 We had an "Anchors Aweigh!" sailboat theme because he loves playing in the water and hearing dolphins "chatter" and boats "toot"! He has a sound activated crab he loves too. We also hoped the theme will be symbolic of all the things "holding him back" that he is able to break free of this year! :)

 He got a new hammock swing (his baby swing is way outgrown), a singing/dancing toy puppy, tooting tug boat, tummy time pillow, Little Einsteins piano and helicopter, a lightbox and water beads, wiggly giggler, ocean wave drum, and a very realistic cow noisemaker along w/ clothes and lots of other fun sensory goodies!

 On the horizon...
The National Institutes of Health trip has been set for fall...still waiting for more details but both boys have been asked to come and take part in the testing.

In the meantime, Mason has battled tummy and sinus issues all summer (and therefore sleep is not easy to come by). That is a big prayer request right now...that we will figure out how to best keep him comfortable and free of infections without having to constantly keep him on Biaxin and that we can get some much needed sleep for a good long stretch! :)

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